About Us




Our vision is to change the way you live – through food.

Can a meal service do that? 

Scratch can! 

Our goal is to change how you feel by providing affordable, fresh and healthy meals that are delicious and good for you. 

Not to mention, give you more time to enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. 

How? We're taking "grocery shopping" off your calendar and "meal prepping" off your to-do list. We deliver ready-to-eat meals right to your door once a week. 

There's no stress about what to cook, no last-minute grocery store runs for that forgotten ingredient, and no more endless hours in the kitchen. So, if that's what you dread - we'll make sure is NOT part of your week! WHAT DO WE ADD TO YOUR WEEK? More time to do what you want - like take the dog to the park, host game night, have a date night, shoot hoops with your kids, read that new thriller, kill it at work, or just take a deep breath and relax.



Scratch was founded by a trio of US Marines who pride themselves on service to community, whether that be protecting freedom or helping to feed those in need. Passion, dedication, and attention to detail is the foundation for everything that we do.

We REFUSE to cut corners, WILL NOT substitute lower quality ingredients, and will NEVER sacrifice on freshness – guaranteed!